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Fiberglass composite in orthodontics. 20 new ways to use fiberglass in orthodontics.

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Are you continuously searching for new ways to enhance your orthodontic practice? Do you seek to provide faster orthodontic treatments? We offer you an exciting new hands-on course to help you perform easier, more convenient treatments with improved patient experience.

We present to you an advanced learning opportunity to develop new skills as an orthodontist and introduce new methods for managing difficult treatments.

I am Dr. Koycheva, the course creator, and I will propose to you 20 new methods to use fiberglass reinforced composite in orthodontics. This material is not new to the dentistry profession, but it has never been a part of active orthodontic treatment. I have summarized the many ways in which I use fiberglass in my daily orthodontic practice and I have created this advanced tips and tricks orthodontic course to present to you the wide range of new treatment methods this material has to offer.

Traditional orthodontic courses, although in high demand, are costly, time-demanding and inconvenient for most modern practitioners. This is highly interactive hands-on course. You will receive to your address materials and models, to use along the step-by-step video demonstrations, which will offer guided learning experience.

When you purchase the course, you receive a specially designed 3D printed dental model, fiberglass material, and a guide instrument, along with theoretical presentation and video demonstration.

This course arms you with the skills to offer cutting-edge new treatments for deep bite, distal bite, open bite, and anchorage application. You will walk away with enhanced treatment competencies at a fraction of the costs of traditional live orthodontic courses, as well as a practical toolkit to implement immediately in your orthodontic practice.

After successfully completing this course you will have verifiable proof of your enhanced orthodontic abilities – a certificate of competence from StudyOrthodontics.

When you buy this course, you will receive:

Lifetime access to 5 hours of hands-on video lectures (you will receive this access immediately)

In 2-5 workdays we will priority ship to your address:

  • 3D printed dental model upper and lower jaw;
  • Three packages of bond impregnated fiberglass, 50 cm each (1.5 meters in total);
  • Set of two transparent silicone guides for positioning the fiberglass;
  • One universal handle.

Content of the course

  • Fiberglass in dentistry and orthodontics. Standard TPA and LA. Fiberglass TPA and LA
  • Intraoral Fabrication
  • Direct fabrication of Fiberglass TPA
  • Bite stops from Fiberglass
  • Fiberglass arch for de-rotation
  • Fiberglass arches used to apply extra torque
  • Interpremolar arch for anchorage
  • Stabilization after rapid palatal expansion
  • Palatally impacted canines distal traction
  • Mini implant indirect anchorage
  • Transverse direction of movement. Correction of buccal bite.
  • Transverse direction of movement. Single tooth crossbite correction.
  • Anterior bite turbos
  • Posterior intrusion with mini implants
  • Distalization arch
  • Distalization with elastics
  • Distalization with elastics demonstration
  • Fixed fiberglass inclined plane
  • Habit breaking appliances
  • Esthetic Tongue Crib
  • Band and loop space maintainer
  • Types of space maintainers. Distal shoe space maintainer.

Why this hands-on video course is more effective?

  • You can practice what you see on the videos – we will send you all of the important materials and tools needed with free shipping!
  • Flexibility- with the option to start, stop and rewind, videos make learning more flexible;
  • You can practice and study whenever and wherever you prefer – in your clinic, in your house,  at a friend’s house, etc.;
  • Online learning requires less of a time investment;
  • You are in charge of your schedule – you can care for your family, work full-time, and earn a certification;
  • Affordable –  it helps you save money not just in terms of the fees but also the money spent on traveling to attend the face to face classes;
  • Better revision – recorded video lectures gives you the flexibility of revising the content as many times as you want;
  • Learn at Your Pace – you determine your progress as you control your learning pathway and speed.

About the lector

Dr. Ivelina Koycheva is a renowned international lecturer and trains dentists from all over the world in orthodontics. She is the author of over 40 online orthodontic courses, which are attended by dentists from Germany, England, Italy, France, USA, Ireland, Mexico, Bahrain, South Africa, Kenya, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, Portugal, Egypt and many other countries.

She is the author of the books “Orthodontic Treatment Protocols” and “Everything about orthodontic treatment”. She is the best-selling and highest-rated orthodontic trainer in Udemy.com.

Dr. Ivelina Koycheva is the inventor of an innovative method of applying stabilization arches during orthodontic treatment that significantly optimizes treatment time.

She graduated Dental Medicine at Medical University – Sofia and specialized in orthodontics in Italy, UniCamillus – Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences, and also in Poland. She learned orthodontic specifics from world-known lecturers like Prof. Adrian Becker, Prof. Stella Chaushu, Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin (creator of the MBT braces system), Dr. Giorgio Fiorelli.

She applies the acquired knowledge in her daily orthodontic practice. She has treated hundreds of cases in her orthodontic clinic.

Who is this course for?

General dentists with interest in orthodontics
Orthodontic residents

Demo video from the course:

The package includes:

  • Dental model upper and lower jaw;
  • Three packages of bond impregnated fiber glass, 50 cm each (1.5 meters in total);
  • Set of two transparent silicone guides for positioning the fiber glass;
  • One universal handle.

If you have any questions, you can ask us by our email – info@studyorthodontics.com or by Facebook https://www.facebook.com/StudyOrthodontics